Everyone needs a bit of help to visualize their new project.

How about if we help you do just this? Here are some ideas for your home improvement project. No stock photos here! Every one of the photos in these collections depict what we’ve custom-built for our Tedesco Remodeling customers.

Everyday Elegance.

You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy a touch of class in your own home. Click here and take a look at some of our past projects for ideas. So go ahead. We’ll help you indulge. Within your budget.

Practical Solutions.

Your big ideas can go far with Tedesco’s help. Squeeze a full bathroom that everyone will love into a few square feet. Transform wasted space into a warm, inviting family room. Click to see how we make things happen for families just like yours. Tedesco will employ the same effort and craftsmanship in your project as we do for elaborate home improvement projects.

deck on inside corner of ranch home

The Great Outdoors.

Tedesco does decks and fences. Your yard becomes an extension of your living space. We design layouts that complement your site situation and architecture. Your choice of natural treated wood or the new synthetic decking that will last the life of your home. Click here to see more.