Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Customers

This page is a “grab bag” of popular questions that people ask of remodeling companies, combined with answers describing how Tedesco Remodeling and Painting conducts its business.

If you have any question not answered in this FAQ, contact us.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Tedesco Remodeling provides the following services:

  • Remodeling (inside and out)
  • Drywall Repair and Plastering
  • Interior Painting
  • Gutter Repair and Replacement
  • Roofing (subcontracted through partners)
  • Woodworking repairs and miscellaneous home repairs and minor construction
  • Ceramic tile installation
  • Tuckpointing and masonry repair

Q: What size are the projects that you do?

A: Tedesco Remodeling is happy to bid and perform projects at all price levels, from interior or exterior finish or fixture repairs –  to large, complex remodeling projects running $40,000 or more. From repairing drywall flaws to creating a new addition to your house from the foundation up, Tedesco Remodeling can handle your large and small projects. Many of our jobs are smaller projects such as replacement of doors, painting, and woodwork repair.

Q: We absolutely hate dealing with construction! The noise and mess really stress us out and we are nervous about letting contractors roam around in our house. How can you help us here?

A: Our Assurance: “No Worries.” Construction projects can be unavoidably disruptive. Tedesco Remodeling manages its employees and subcontractors to minimize the hassle of construction with simple tactics that are often missing in this industry:

  • Every project, no matter how small, gets the personal attention of Chis Tedesco, the owner, who oversees all progress.
  • Common courtesy. We put ourselves in your shoes.
  • We use materials and techniques to assist in maintaining cleanliness: plastic sheeting between rooms, dust control of power tools, temporary coverings for carpeted areas that are in the path of construction. We will address any specific dust or debris concern you have. We don’t skimp on the cleanliness.
  • We schedule all work with you in advance in order to fit schedule.
  • Tedesco Remodeling covers all employees with insurance and workmen’s compensation to protect you from liability
  • All employees have good communication skills and are trustworthy and reliable – most are lifelong residents of the area who have worked in the construction trades for years
  • We clean up after ourselves – not only at the end of the job, but every day that we are on your property
  • We won’t even get oil or stains on your driveway!
  • Your personal wishes are always considered. Tedesco will follow all house rules for children, pets, and any valuables, and we will not smoke in your home

Q: We don’t want to pay too much and it sounds like you guys do a lot of “management”. Why can’t we shop around for what we need?

A: You could. But the overall price that we can offer you on most complete projects will probably be lower than that which you could obtain yourself by shopping around for individual services. Instead of negotiating with several different contractors and taking on the complex responsibilities of construction management yourself, trust Tedesco Remodeling to simplify your life and provide real value.

Q: We have been burnt by contractors in the past. And we are concerned about our personal safety and our belongings. Do you have references?

A: Tedesco Remodeling and Painting has been in operation for over 20 years. We have a track record that you can verify. We run police reports and conduct background checks on all new hires. Information on Tedesco Remodeling is available at the following sources:

Q: What about insurance and bonding?

A: We carry business liability insurance and we cover all of our workers through workmen’s compensation to protect you from any exposure to unnecessary liability or loss. We can supply any insurance certificates as requested by your insurance company. We are also bondable against criminal actions (called fidelity bonds). Bonds are purchased for specific job sites and situations. If you require us to carry a bond for your project, we can do the paperwork and present you with written confirmation. (Bonds are an added cost item.)

Q: I don’t see the specific concern we have addressed in any of these questions or answers.

A: Please contact Chris Tedesco directly at  (513) 844-1459 or email us at